FuturePrep Online Tutoring (NEW)

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Online Tutoring

For students who are not yet comfortable with meeting in-person to have face-to-face tutoring sessions, FuturePrep London has recently launched a brand new online tutoring option for all GMAT, GRE, and LSAT tutoring students.
To facilitate the transition to the world of online tutoring, FuturePrep London has recently partnered with BitPaper, a leading online tutoring platform. To date, the BitPaper tutoring platform has proven to be very robust, stable, and flexible. As such, all FuturePrep online tutoring is now being delivered via this platform.

Key BitPaper Features

· Collaborative Whiteboard

· Audio/Video (+Chat)

· Screen Sharing· Permanent URLs

· Exportable to PDF

· Importable Content

· Infinite Space

Key BitPaper Features

1. Collaborative Whiteboard
BitPaper is a multi-functional online whiteboard tool. You can use the whiteboard to write notes, draw graphs and diagrams, and deliver robust online tutoring lessons. You can also use a number of other key BitPaper features to enhance online tutoring delivery.

2. Audio/Video (+Chat)
The BitPaper online tutoring platform allows you to use its audio and video chat functions whilst you use the site to create interactive ‘papers’. Use these features to work and communicate with your tutor in real-time.

3. Screen Sharing
The Bitpaper tutoring platform delivers everything students and tutors need to work together effectively online, including real-time screen sharing. Share anything on your screen with one click; websites, apps, videos and more.

4. Permanent URLs
Once a session is over, students will no longer need to worry about losing any of their valuable session work as every BitPaper now comes with its own unique and permanent URL. This means all whiteboard content is automatically saved so no matter what happens, students can come back and retrieve their lesson content at a later date.

5. Exportable to PDF
Create a handy printout by exporting your tutoring work to PDF. Create shareable resources at the click of a button.

6. Importable Content
Drag and drop images onto your Bitpaper to create media rich papers in seconds. Bitpaper supports PDF, JPEG and PNG uploads.

7. Infinite Space
Never run out of whiteboard space again. Add, rearrange, and duplicate pages to create content that you can re-use time and time again.

Pricing and Availability
All FuturePrep Online Tutoring packages will be priced the same as In-Person Tutoring. Online tutoring time slots will be available on weekdays, evenings, and some weekends (subject to tutor availability).Click here for online tutoring packages.


FREE Tutoring Consultation

For obtain more information, please contact us directly to book a FREE tutoring consultation session. In this 30-60 minute consultation call, we will discuss your personal study situation and score goals, and then work with you to develop a customised study / tutoring plan that will ultimately help you achieve the score you need and gain you entrance into your dream school! To request a FREE consultation, please fill in our Callback form below or email us directly at info@futurepreplondon.co.uk.