COVID Update

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, the online tutoring industry quickly evolved to become a glimmering beacon of hope and offer a new way of life for students preparing to enter graduate school in these uncertain and difficult times.
Where many schools and universities have either partially or fully closed, where every student is now urged to follow new social distancing rules, and where hand washing has become the norm, new and different study options are needed for students who require assistance in preparing for their graduate level entrance exams.

At FuturePrep London, we have created two new safe and convenient tutoring options to serve the needs of our growing UK student body:

Private Tutoring Options

  • 1. In-Person Tutoring (Socially Distanced)

  • 2. Online Tutoring (Virtual)

1. In-person Tutoring (Socially Distanced)

With coronavirus still spreading around the world, many of our tutoring clients have been asking us for advice on how to keep their tutoring sessions as safe as possible. At FuturePrep London, we have implemented a number of safe and secure best practices for all our in-person tutoring. Please click here to go to our In-Person Tutoring information page.

These practices include:

  • Travel Safety

  • Arrival & Greetings

  • Hygiene Stations

  • Social Distancing

  • Supplies & Equipment

  • Private Meeting Room (at extra cost)

COVID Safety Practices

1. Travel Safety
Always consider the safest way to travel. To avoid catching or spreading the virus, you should choose a method of transport that enables you to keep a safe distance from others. In some cases that could mean cycling, driving, or walking.

2. Arrival
Upon arrival at our FuturePrep offices, please telephone or text your tutor directly. They will then come out to get you so you don’t need to open any doors, touch any door handles, or interact with any security keypads.

3. Greetings
Avoid handshakes. Upon initial greeting, many tutors habitually shake the hand of the student they are working with. Whilst it may feel instinctively unprofessional or unfriendly to stop doing this, there is now enough global awareness of Coronavirus that we have switched to a slightly safer more sanitary greeting (it’s elbow bumps all the way).

4. Hygiene Stations

All our FuturePrep tutoring offices now have free hand sanitiser liquids available throughout. Individual containers of hand & touch point sanitiser are now situated at all common areas, including meeting tables and workstations.

5. Social Distancing
This one is simple. Sit further away from your student than usual! In all FuturePrep tutoring sessions, our tutors will adhere to UK social distancing recommendations.
This means we will sit as far away from each other as we reasonably can without impinging on the quality of the lesson or making things unnecessarily difficult for either you or your tutor. Not only does this reduce the chance of infection, it will also make both of you feel more at ease and able to focus your minds on the lesson itself rather than worrying about whether the other person is too close.

6. Supplies and Equipment
For each of your face-to-face FuturePrep tutoring sessions, you will be asked to bring your own supplies and equipment (pens, paper, digital devices, etc.). For your own peace of mind as well as hygiene, you don't want to be touching your other people’s pens, calculators, laptops, iPads, etc. In addition, when you bring your own equipment, you have the guarantee of knowing that only you have handled it (or, if you share it with others, that you've sterilised it before using it yourself). In any event, it's more professional, both for the tutor and the student, not to have to rely on the other to gain access to something.

2. Online Tutoring (Virtual) 

 Please click here to go to our Online Tutoring information page.