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The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) may be the most important exam you will ever write. Most business schools look at your GMAT score as the #1 factor on your MBA application. It allows schools to compare you with other applicants in a standardised way. At FuturePrep London in London, our GMAT tutoring packages and custom GMAT workshops are the most comprehensive and advanced GMAT Test Prep available in the UK. Get in touch today to discover more.


GMAT Tutoring (1-on-1)

FuturePrep London offers expert in-person and online Private Tutoring options for the GMAT exam. Students can purchase Pay-As-You-Go tutoring (hourly) or a larger package of 10, 20, or 30 tutoring hours at a discounted rate. Our GMAT Tutoring is meant to be completely customisable. We will work with students for as many hours as they like to cover as many topics as they need to be fully prepared for the exam. We can also perform an in-depth review of any official GMAT mock exams you complete via our new FuturePrep online tutoring platform.

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GMAT Workshops (Group)

FuturePrep London custom GMAT workshops offer a comprehensive review of the complete current GMAT curriculum. For each question type and exam topic, we review the relevant theory, discuss the best strategy for answering the questions, and then solve a few practice questions both individually and as a group. You will walk away with a thorough understanding of all the major types of questions encountered on the exam and be armed with a solid grasp of the key strategies required to crack the questions on the exam day. Following the completion of your GMAT workshop, we will provide you with a complimentary set of additional real GMAT questions to practice on at home.

Our GMAT workshops provide:

  • Structure – we know how much time you need to spend on each section, so we keep you on schedule.

  • Process – we know the best tools and techniques which will enable you to score your best.

  • Efficiency – we focus on the key concepts and skill sets tested on the GMAT, thus saving you time and effort.

  • Practice – lots of practice to help assess your strengths and weaknesses and track your progress.

  • Experience – our expert instructors can clear up anything that’s confusing you so you’re not left figuring things out on your own.

  • Motivation – working in a classroom environment with a live instructor and a group of other like-minded classmates will help keep you motivated.

How to Register for our GMAT Workshops

If you would like to attend a custom FuturePrep London GMAT workshop, please fill in the contact form below to register your interest with us. Once we receive a minimum of five pre-registered students per workshop, we will contact each student to confirm delivery of the workshop, and schedule an exact date/time to deliver that particular class. Please note that all FuturePrep GMAT workshops are held at our central London head office located @ Uncommon Fulham in SW6. In addition, all GMAT workshop classes are normally delivered on weekends (Saturday / Sunday) from 10am-6pm with a short planned break for lunch. Cheers!

GMAT Regular Tutoring Packages

          1. Private Tutoring (In-person)                      2. Online Tutoring (Virtual)

GMAT Master Tutoring (with FuturePrep's Lead GMAT Tutor)

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