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At FuturePrep London, we often get asked about common GMAT study benchmarks. How long will it take me to prepare for the GMAT? How many practice questions or mock exams will I need to do? When should I start studying and where do I begin?

While there is plenty of real data out there to respond to these questions, the real answer is: It depends. It depends, partially, on your current level of GMAT ability in both Math and Verbal. It also depends on your overall GMAT score goal as well as how much time you have to achieve it. Lastly, it also depends on how you learn best and what kind of tutoring help you need (i.e. in-person, online, etc.)

The best way to answer these questions is a by participating in a free GMAT Personal Assessment with one of our FuturePrep London GMAT experts. We recommend that you bring a baseline score (from a recent mock GMAT exam) with you.  We will help break down your score results and provide you with specific advice on how to fix your outstanding weaknesses. 

During this 30 – 60 minute session, we will assess your GMAT strengths and weaknesses, highlight areas for improvement, discuss various study strategies and points of emphasis, as well as estimate the effort and duration you will need to reach your score goal. Based on your individual skills and timeline, we will help you come up with a customized GMAT Study Plan complete with a recommended list of additional GMAT study resources.

Your GMAT Personal Assessment includes:

  • Analysis of Your Baseline GMAT Score

  • Assessment of Your Current Skill Level and Areas of Weakness

  • A Full List of GMAT Study Resources to Help You on Your GMAT Journey

  • A Customised Study Plan Built Around Your Personal Ability, Goals, and Timeline

  • Answers to Any Further Questions You Have

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