LSAT SuperPrep Bootcamp Course (LR + AR + RC)

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LSAT Course Summary

A comprehensive 50hr LSAT “SuperPrep” Bootcamp course taught by expert FuturePrep instructors. This LSAT Bootcamp is divided into two (2) distinct topic based workshops held over 3 consecutive weekends.

Together, this comprehensive set of intensive LSAT workshops will teach top future law students the most efficient ways of solving all the major question types tested on all three sections of the LSAT exam.

LSAT Workshop Modules

Module #1: LR – Logical Reasoning / Reading Comprehension

LR/RC Workshop Duration: 25hrs

LR Topics include: Arguments + Formal Logic

Weekend #1: LR - Saturday & Sunday (9am-6pm)

Weeknight #1: RC - Mon, Tues, or Wed (5pm-9pm)

RC Topics include: Comparative Reading & Decision Essay 

Weekend #2: LR - Saturday (9am-6pm)

Module #2: AR – Analytical Reasoning Workshop 

LSAT Topic: Logic Games Duration: 25hrs

Weekend #2: AR - Sunday (9am-6pm)

Weeknight #2: AR - Mon, Tues, or Wed (5pm-9pm)

Weekend #3: AR - Saturday & Sunday (9am-6pm)


Schedule: Each LSAT Workshop is held over 1.5 weekends (Sat/Sun), plus one weeknight (Mon / Tues / Wed) . Weeknight classes normally run from 5pm-9pm (4hrs). Weekend classes run from 9am-6pm (8hrs).

LSAT Course Bundle

NOTE: Save £500 by bundling the 2 separate LSAT Workshops together into a single LSAT "SuperPrep" Bootcamp!

Bundled LSAT Course Cost: £1000 (£20 per teaching hour)