GMAT Math Primer (4hrs)

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Unsure what a prime number is? Forget how to calculate the circumference of a circle? If you're rusty in Math or have ‘Math Anxiety’ and want to brush up on your basic Math skills, then we strongly recommend starting with this workshop. 

Math Primer Summary: Our FuturePrep GMAT Math Primer is designed to help students build a strong foundation in the elementary math skills required on the GMAT. Designed by expert GMAT instructors with many years of teaching experience, this single evening specialized Math workshop will help you brush up on your basic Math skills before you formally start preparing for the GMAT exam itself.
Topics include: Algebra & Arithmetic, Exponents & Roots, Number Properties, Math Terminology, Geometry Theory, and much more.

Regular Cost: £100 (£25 per teaching hour)

Reduced Price: £10 (for first 10 registered students)