GMAT Integrated Reasoning (IR) Demystified - 4hrs

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Containing a variety of new and different question types, the recently introduced Integrated Reasoning (IR) section of the GMAT has proven to be a unique and challenging test taking experience for most students. 

Event Summary: In this 4hr single-evening Integrated Reasoning Demystified class, get all the details about the structure and format of the new IR section of the GMAT. We will also discuss some useful IR test taking strategies as well as go through a small set of practice questions for all 4 Integrated Reasoning question types. 

Topics include: Intro to IR, IR Format & Scoring, IR Question Types, Multi-Source Reasoning, Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation, and Two-Part Analysis.

Regular Cost: £100 (£25 per teaching hour)
Reduced Price: £80 (for first 10 registered students)