GMAT SuperPrep Bootcamp Course (Math + Verbal + AWA + IR)

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Course Summary

A comprehensive 60hr GMAT “SuperPrep” Math Bootcamp course taught by expert FuturePrep GMAT instructors. The Bootcamp is divided into three (3) distinct Math workshop modules held over 3 consecutive weekends.

This customized set of intensive GMAT Math Workshops will assist top-tier students in developing & practicing the most efficient ways to tackle all the major high-level Math question types tested on the GMAT exam.

GMAT Math Workshops

M1 - Foundational Math Workshop (20hrs)

Topics: Algebra, Arithmetic & Geometry

M2 - Intermediate Math Workshop (20hrs)

Topics: Word Problems & Data Sufficiency

M3 - Advanced Math Workshop (20hrs)
Topics: Statistics + Integrated Reasoning (IR)

Course Duration: 20hrs per workshop (60hrs total)

Schedule: Each GMAT Math Workshop is normally held over a single weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun). Friday classes normally run from 5:30-930pm (4hrs). Weekend classes normally run from 9am-6pm (8hrs).

Cost: £500 per workshop (£25 per teaching hour)

NOTE: These three 20hr GMAT Math Workshops can also be combined into a single GMAT Math "SuperPrep" Bootcamp (60hrs) at a discounted price (£1200). Bundle them together and save £300!